CDN is sometime very slow


I try to use a Low Quality Image Placeholder pattern on the prismic images.
I add these two parameters to the low quality image url : blur=200&px=16

On some pages, I have around 10 or 15 images from very big to medium size.
So sometimes, the CDN take more than 2s to respond.

What I do ? Should I avoid using LQIP system with prismic CDN and Imgix ?

Hi @maxime.hersand ,

I just tested Imgix with some of my own images. With your LQIP parameters, I got a response time of 500ms for the first load. That was with an image 1200px wide. I don't know if that would compound significantly if requested 10–15 images at the same time.

However, after the first time you load the image, Imgix caches it. My subsequent requests for the same blurry image loaded in 100ms. Are your images taking 2s to respond every time, or just on the first load?

Also, I'll note that Imgix has just released blurhashes. Which might accomplish a similar result more quickly.

If you'd like, you can share your code with me and I can take a look to see if I can spot any issues. Feel free to send me a DM with your GitHub repo or a ZIP file.


hi @samlittlefair

Thank you for the blurhashes info, it seems to be very nice !!!

You are right, the images take time to respond the first time they are generated and then after that they are loaded more fastly.

We will make some test with non developers people to see if we have some returns with low loading issues but it seems to be good for us.

I have another question; Is the cache is clear sometimes ? Is there a world where one at a month I have to recreated all caches for my images ?

Thank you anyway !!
Have a good day.


Hey @maxime.hersand ,

Based on my understanding, the cache never — or rarely — empties. If it ever empties, it is very infrequent, so it should have virtually no effect on your website performance. But, if you're still concerned, let me know and I can try to help with optimizations.


PS: Awesome site! I love the design and the product.

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Ok !!!

I'll keep you in touch if it start becoming very slowly on time to time !

Thank you :slight_smile:

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