Change Slice Target Library

I believe one can do this but I cannot seem to find any docs. Is it possible to change an existing Slice's Target Library? In other words if I have three slices in a docs Target Library and I want to move them to a components Target Library — can I do that without breaking any existing content using those Slices?

In an attempt to try this I renamed the local directory docs to components and updated the .slicemachine/mock-config.json to read "slices/components" instead of "slices/docs" but made them straight up disappear from Slice Machine. :innocent:

Thanks for sharing your use case @frank.stallone.
It is best to keep the naming structure of Slice Machine files and folders to ensure correct operation.

Pau thanks for your response but I didn't really see an answer here. Are you suggesting that Slice's associated to a Target Library cannot be changed to another Target Library?

We have found use cases where errors occur when changing the original path of the Slices, so we don't actively recommend it, But the answer is yes, you can change everything, the name and the location of the directory. But it is essential to update the new path everywhere the Slice Library is imported.