Changes require a fresh deployment

We have a live site with Prismic. When our content writers make changes or create new pages, they are not able to see the changes even after publishing. When publishing from Prismic, and then previewing, the changes show fine. However, when viewing the same page in an incognito/in-private mode the changes are not reflecting. We have to then deploy our Prismic application for the changes to show up. Any suggestions or where we should look to see why this happens?

I think previews don't work in incognito mode (due to cross-site cookies being blocked by default).
In Chrome, previews and share links should work normally. Why do you need to re-deploy the app instead of running a regular preview session?

Here's the steps we are following.

  1. Create new page - works great
  2. Preview page - works great
  3. Publish page - works great
  4. Look at published page in the same browser used for steps 1-3 - works great
  5. Look at published page in a different browser or incognito. - does not work and requires a whole re-deploy

In other words, steps 1-4 work great, but if I am an end user looking for the latest article, I won't see it until the dev team has re-deployed the application.

Hi James, you'd need to trigger an automatic redeploy using a "webhook" - Prismic has docs covering this in detail - Webhooks - Documentation - Prismic

So any new page that is published or page that is updated, requires a redeploy? If Prismic has the latest page details, when the web host is retrieving the page - wouldn't our app retrieve the latest page since we are using a Prismic API to retrieve the latest page? why is a re-deploy necessary?

Hey James, I think it might be worth reading how headless CMS works - this is a good article I found Headless CMS explained in 5 minutes | Storyblok

Ouch was not expecting that kind of a reply! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I'm not sure that I'm asking a dumb question here. One benefit of a content management solution should be to allow publishers/editors to push out as much content as possible without having to wait/depend on a dev team - I'm only trying to confirm new/updated content requires a deploy. This way I can discuss with our dev team on setting up the webhook to automate this (thank you for that article!).

Just wanted to point out that I'm not part of the Prismic team - I'm just a Prismic user like yourself you is trying to help out :slight_smile:

Hey @jsamuel

It is correct; you need to redeploy each time a document is published. Therefore, as Kris mentioned, it is helpful to have the webhooks configured so that they do the work for you. Once the developer in charge of your project configures them, the editors will have freedom when publishing.