Unable to preview saved changes before publishing

Hello! I am noticing that when I make a change to a page, Save, and try to preview in Production, I am not seeing the change I made right away. I published the page to test, and the change did not update for quite some time. In addition, when setting up a new page, I can't view it at all before publishing. This makes it impossible to create a page and edit as needed prior to launching. I want to make sure I can preview my changes before I publish. Thanks for you help!

Hello @morganerin, welcome to the community!

Which technology are you using in your project?
If it's a statically generated site you'd need to rebuild the site to see the changes.
The preview setup varies depending on the technology.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by technology, but we have a Shopify site integrated with Prismic to use for our landing pages. I have never had issues with previewing in Production before I Publish until the past 2 days.

Do you have access to the code of your project?
If you don't, you might need to ask the developer in charge of the project. If your site is statically built, it needs to be rebuilt for the changes to be reflected.