Clarification required -We will prevent all users from performing queries above 6MB to our API

What is being measured in terms of the 6MB limit. The actual query or the returning data from the query?
For example -it was flagged the following 5kb query may be hitting the 6mb limit


Hi Wasif,

Welcome to the community!

We haven't activated this limit that we emailed about yet.

I think there's some confusion that the response payload shouldn't exceed the 6mb limit, not the query size.

What you're seeing here is that your request URL is too long. you should be aware that request URLs to the REST API are limited to 2048 characters, including escaped characters like {.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your response! For the Oct 1 update, the response payload won't be able to receive anything over 6 mb?

Hi Wasif,

That's correct. Over that amount, you will need to paginate your results.

This is a very generous technical limitation, of our entire user-base we have less than 10 clients that have ever reached this limit and it does not include things like images. It's not something our average user would ever need to worry about.

Also again the limit you reached is a character limit in your URL request.


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