Content is missing from published page (and history) in Prismic Content Editor

I've had content published for multiple years and the site still renders all the content correctly. However, when I log into the Prismic Content Editor all the content (where the slicezone should be) is gone. When I look through the history it's missing as well.

There should be an bunch of slices in there with content. Why is it missing?

Here's what I'm seeing

Hi @kali. Can you send me the link to this document in your Prismic repository? If you don't wish to share that publicly, you can send me a direct message.

Sent you a DM! Thanks :grin:

Hi @kali, I took a look, and the reason that no slices are showing up in Prismic is that you don't have any slices in your Page model. Did you remove them recently for some reason?

Hi @Levi,

The only updates we made were to the front end code. Nothing was done on the content editor side (last published over a year ago).

Maybe the slice machine code update removed the slices from the model? I'll take a look.

Ok, I took a look at the slice machine. I have no idea how the slices were removed from the modal, but once I added them back in, the content is showing again.

Thanks for the tip!

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