URGENT - Basic content slice not working

Hi there,

I'm reaching out to you because we're facing a big issue on Prismic : the basic content slice that allows us to add content isn't working anymore. Every time we try to add one and save our work, an error message appears (see below).

This is an emergency and we need your help asap as we're building every content on our website with this type of content slice.

Moreover, we actually can't see anymore any of this content slice on the back office even if they're appearing on the website in front.
This also means we can't make any changes on previous content !

This problem blocks us and penalizes us enormously.
Please come back to me asap !

Thanks a lot for your time and looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi @llevy,

Thanks for reaching out.
I'm still investigating this issue and will let you know as soon as possible.



The original ticket is here : Jira Service Management
It looks like the slices created before the UIbuilder are in cause. I attach a console screenshot when I try add a slice on a page and saving

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Ok, we have deployed a fix for this issue and it must be fixed for you. Can you please confirm?