Copying a localized slice from page to page

When creating several pages with similar content on different locales (EN --> IT, ES, DE, etc) (think of vertical SEO landing pages), I'd like to copy the repeatable slices from a page to another (inside the same locale) so that I don't need to manually add translations.
Example: I have 5 pages that share an introductory slice and CTA slice. So far, I've been manually pasting translations into paragraphs, and that's time-consuming.
Is there another solution?

@Fares @Prismic-Support-Team

Hello @alessandro.b

Welcome to the Prismic community, and thanks for reaching out to us.

Currently, Prismic doesn't provide translations of content into another locale, and you have to translate your content manually.

Prismic provides a bulk copy to another locale feature, where you can bulk copy the selected documents into one or multiple locales and add documents into an existing or new Release. Still, with it, you have to translate your content manually.

Do you have bulk actions activated for your repo?


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