Ability to use the "Bulk" function to duplicate documents to the same locale

Dear Prismic team,
I am a Content Manager using Prismic every day for quite a complex product, and there are a few new features that would really help us out. I will log one feature request per thread, to make things simpler. :smiling_face:

Feature Idea:
We often have to duplicate a large number of documents to the same locale, but sadly there is no "bulk duplicate" function on Prismic. If that could be implemented (similarly to the "bulk copy" function but for duplication), that would save us a ton of time.

Issue that it solves:
It would stop us from having to duplicate the documents one by one, and therefore increase the Content Manager's efficiency.

Thank you for looking into this.

Hello @chloeb, thanks for all the feedback.

Bulk duplicating document translations is already possible using the Import / Export feature (The Import/Export tool is available starting on the Medium Plan. More about pricing).