Bulk Actions for Unpublished Documents?

Bulk actions for live documents has been so beneficial for our Content, however, is it possible to have bulk action features for unpublished documents? Ideally, it would save us even more time when we make brand new documents for our main locale and then need to copy these to our other locales. Currently we are unable to do so in bulk, and so have to copy to another locale document by document which takes a while.


Hello @mayayeung, can you give us more details about your use case?
It is possible to bulk select unpublished, draft, and archived documents.

Hi Pau,

We're looking to bulk select and then bulk copy to another locale.

For example, in our repository we have several different locales. We want the same 5 documents for 4 locales, and instead of having to go into each of the 5 documents and 'copy to another locale' 4 times, it would really benefit to have the option to bulk copy the 5 documents into the 4 locales in one go, saving time and efficiency

@mayayeung, you can already do these actions from your repository UI:

  • Bulk select the documents on the master locale
  • Click on Copy to another locale. A pop-up with options will appear:

    Select all the locales where you want to copy the content to. If you want to copy them to all locales, you have to choose them one by one on the Locales to copy the content to drop down menu
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Hi Pau,

Yes we do already use those actions. My question was more about whether we can do bulk action/bulk copy when a document has not been published yet, so is still in one of our releases. In these cases, we don't want to publish the document on the master locale yet (for a while) but we want to be able to bulk copy these unpublished documents to other locales. Is this possible/a worthy iteration to the bulk copy action?

I see. This action doesn't yet exist on the releases feature. You'd need to add them one by one.
I'll add this as a feature request.


Thanks Pau!