Linked Documents Localization

Hello Prismic Team,

@antoine.gilbert informed me to post here for technical issues. I'm in the process of pulling in our translations through Prismic's GraphQL API. I'm noticing for any of our documents that have linked content, the language is not getting picked up?

As you can see for this document, I set the language to zh-ns and that properly gets translated in the response for the header, but when I go to the linked document, it reverts back to en-us. You can also see I print out the language on the different levels and there's a discrepancy.

I can also confirm that all the linked documents are translated. There doesn't appear to be any documentation on how to handle this situation of pulling translations of linked documents.

Hey @purchasing, You've come to the right place to ask any questions; welcome!

I want to run a test query on my end before scaling this to the dev team. Could you please share with me the URL of your repository? You can send it to me via dm if you prefer.

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