Needing advice on adding a extra locale to a fairly large website


I would like to get advice on what the best practices are to make our website also available in English. Currently, our website is in Dutch. We also want to make it available in English. Technically it doesn't seem that complicated, only in terms of content management in Prismic I see some challenges. The website currently contains about 230 pages. On these pages we use a lot of internal links. Prismic has the ability to copy documents to another locale. During some tests I found out that internal links are not copied correctly, I think this is because these documents are not yet available in English. To avoid having to relink all internal links to documents in Prismic (especially since the search functionality in Prismic for linking documents is a disaster with so many documents) we would like to know what are the best steps to take. We also have Prismic's import & export functionality available if needed. Does anyone have any experience or advice for this?

In addition, we would also like to do some automatic translation with DeepL ( for example. I have come across a Prismic integration at Crowdin ( This seems to work with Prismic's import/export function. I have been testing with this but I am not getting much wiser. Does anyone have experience automatically translating documents from Prismic with Crowdin or any other way?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @guus,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Doing a bulk translation like this is tough when you have lots of internal links as you do. Using the Import/Export, you'll run into the same issue: a document needs to already exist in order to link to it.

Unfortunately, I don't have an easy workaround for you. I think you'll just need to create all your documents and then go back through to set up all the internal links.

I do know that the team is working on a Migration API that might make this use case easier in the future, but I've been told that this particular problem won't be looked into until sometime next year. So that doesn't really help you right now.

As for automatic translation, I haven't had any experience with doing this, so I'm unable to provide any advice for you there. Hopefully, someone in the community with experience in this will be able to jump in and help you out on that front.