Links in shared-slice not copied when 'Copy to another locale'

Hi Prismic community,

We've started a new project recently using slice-machine (v.0.3.7).
When testing the translation workflow, we noticed a strange behaviour during 'Copy to another locale' :
the links are not 'copied' (kept and correctly refer to the target locale), when they are in a shared-slice pushed by slice-machine.
This is really frustrating as it works perfectly with links in static-zone and non-shared-slices. Maybe I missed something when I created shared-slices with link field ?

Thanks in advance for your help :pray:

Hello @Zhenni

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for reaching out to us.

Are you using a Link field or Content relationship field?


Hi @Priyanka,

Thank you for your quick response :slight_smile:

Our use case was to link to a prismic document.
I've tried both: link field and content relationship field; neither did the link get copied.

@Zhenni Thanks for getting back to me.

This is the expected behavior of the Copy to another locale action. The document won't directly relate to another document when it's migrated from another locale. You'll need to re-add these links in the new copies.

I'll pass this to my team.


Thanks @Priyanka for sharing our experience with your team.

In our use case, we could have used that link copy to save time when creating documents in multiple locales.

Many thanks,

Hello, @Zhenni Thanks for sharing your use case. I have shared this with the team.

Hello @Priyanka,

This is the expected behavior of the Copy to another locale action.

Why for static-zone and non-shared slice it's working? Do you have any idea why the behavior is not the same across all products?

Hello @frederic.delord

I am not sure why the behavior is different. Although I have passed this to my SM team, they will check it.


Hi @Priyanka

Is there any update on this issue?


Hi @jev1
I have requested some info about this from our production team, and I will let you know incase of any updates.