Failed to copy pages with Content Relationship to another locale

Hi Prismic Community,
I've been trying to Copy Content Relationship Fields during Copy to another locale with no success... either it doesn't work anymore either I'm making a mistake.

I have Page custom type Project custom type.
Ex: homepage I'm displaying some projects using a slice zone.
I have first copied all the projects on my second locale 'fr' then when I'm trying to copy the content of Home page to 'fr' locale, its missing all the external links...

Could someone please help me with this ?

Thank you in advance :hugs:

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Hello @pro.bizach

Thanks for posting to us.

I tested Copy Content Relationship Fields during Copy to another locale again, and it works well for me; all the content relationship links are available.

When you copy to another locale, are you adding all the Custom Types in the same release? If so, I can make a test with your repository. Can you send me your repository URL in a private message?

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hello @Priyanka

Thank you for helping me on this one!

I did not try to copy all the documents to another locale in the same release.
But I dont understand something. If all the linked documents (Content Relationship Fields) already exists in the other locale, why when I copy a page it doest fill these links ?

I'm sending you my repo in pm.

I added all the doc in one release starting by the ones that has no link, and it still doesn't work.

Thank you

Hello @pro.bizach

I have made the test with your repository, and I can able to reproduce the issue. It seems like a bug.
Before reporting the bug to my team, I need to know these things:

  1. Does Slice Machine create all these Slices?
  2. If so, What version of Slcie Machine are you using?


Hey @Priyanka

Thank you for your help!
Yes I created all Custom Types using slice machine v0.7.1

Let me know if you have any question

Zach B.

Thanks @pro.bizach

I have created an issue in our issue tracker. I'll update you once I have any updates from the dedicated team.