Create / edit documents linked through content relationship field

Feature Idea (one per thread):

This feature request includes two related features:

  • As a document author, when editing a content relationship field I want the option to directly create a new document.
  • As a document author, when previewing the document linked by a content relationship field, I want to open the linked document for editing.

Issue that it solves:

We are creating a document model that heavily relies on content relationships. It is most natural for our authors to approach this as a top down process, which involves creation of dozens of related sub-documents.

Presently, the document editor only allows picking of an existing document, which either requires the author to exit the current document or open a new browser tab to create the new sub-document before returning to the original document to populate the content relation field. This process is cumbersome, particularly when working with heavily hierarchical models such as ours and especially for many of our content authors would be considered as "non-technical" users.

Closely related is the usability of editing related documents. While Prismic does offer the ability to preview the contents of a related document, there is no button / link to then edit the related document. This requires backing out of the current document and then conducting a search for the related document. Again, this is cumbersome and time consuming if many related documents need to be edited.

Thanks for your consideration. We believe these minor enhancements would greatly improve usability.

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

Thanks @jeremy2! This is a thoughtful and well-reasoned suggestion! It's also something we've talked about internally in the past. I'll pass it along to our feature team, and let you know if I have any updates.


Thanks, @samlittlefair. Our team of content authors will start in earnest in January, so we'll add this feature to our holiday season wish list. :slight_smile:

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This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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