Prismic shows only scheduled documents inside content relationship field if the doc is also scheduled

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Hi, I see an issue with content relationship fields when the document is part of a release (scheduled).
So if you click to add a document in this field, you will only see documents in the same status (scheduled), so basically you can't use content relationship fields until the document is published.

Impacted feature

Content relationship field

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You have to fill these fields before scheduling the document, or just after the release if it's late.


You see only scheduled documents to choose in a content relationship field.

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Add a document with a content relationship field to a release
  2. Edit the document, go to that field and select "Link to Prismic page"
  3. Click on the field, you will see only scheduled documents, not any draft or published.

Hey @cerrutti,

I just verified that the same behavior occurs in my repositories. I'm not sure if this is expected behavior. I've sent a message to my colleagues to check.


Hey @cerrutti,

The Page Builder team tells me that they're going to investigate a fix for this.


That's awesome, thank you Sam!