Group of Content Relationship fields not working in a draft release

Hi there.

Our client is working in the repository "lucweb" trying to edit an entry saved in a scheduled release. They are trying to edit an entry with type "project", and want to change the contents of the group field "Team", which groups together content relationship fields choosing entries from the "person" type. However, when saved within a scheduled release, clicking to edit a team member within the Team field reveals an empty dialog box, with no person entries listed, so they are unable to add new team members. The dialog box does work correctly when creating a new entry, or editing a non-scheduled, live entry.

Please could this be looked into? It's preventing our client from making required changes.


Hi @studiotreble ,

I'm really sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this, it got lost in my backlog, my apologies.

If you can record the issue with this Chrome plugin (you can remove it once you're done), it will really help, as it gives me lots of dev information as well.