Custom Domain for CDN

Is ist posible to set a custom Domain for the CDN where the images are coming from?


Hi Patrick,

Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. I’m going to log this as a feature request with the Product Team.

To help my entry can you tell me more about your use case for have a custom domain?


Hi Phil,

I was looking for the same thing, in our case we have some pdf docs on our website which are set to open in a new tab and we would like them to be on customdomain/page/document.pdf

We are gonna go with a workaround for this using URLs instead of linking to file, but being able to use custom domain with docs uploaded in Prismic would be awesome.

I hope this helps.


Hey Andrea, welcome to the forum!

We do have clients that have set up their custom cdn on top of Prismic, but we don't recommend doing this because, if not regularly and properly implemented/maintained, it will affect the response time, loading time and induce maintenance cost of your end.

Also, by doing this, specifically with Images, you lose the possibility to access the Image optimization feature.

We always prefer to recommend that users focus on their core business and let Prismic take care of the hosting and distribution/Caching of your content.

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@Pau is there any update about this?
the use of prismic cdn is bad for image SEO which is a core aspect of why we would use a headless CMS

If not a native prismic solution, what would be the way to have this on top of prismic images still being hosted on prismic cdn? or any other alternative as long as images come from our own domain?

Hey @sebastien.vassaux, we don't have any updates about this feature request.
An alternative would be to use a Link field to add the URLs of media items hosted in a different hosting service that allows you to customize the domains.

definitely not an option, that would require an enormous amount of work, I am investigating using cloudfront to override your cdn