Set custom src url for images I upload

Hi guys,

I have a question when using images from the media library.
Currently I get an image for example with the following value for the src field.

src = "your-site/67eb8353-458f-4de6-86kped-f42127766108_s1_item1.svg?w=400&h=400"

I'm asking this question because for SEO it's recommended that images have file names that represent the content of the image, rather than for ex 4127... .svg?w=400&h=400

Or is this way of serving images better for SEO?


Hello @fhuneeus, this setup is part of Prismic's image optimization. It isn't possible to modify the URL:

We've talked about this topic in the past. Please refer to this other thread if you're interested in learning more details: