"Date picker" added date after new year

Hi, I'm currently developing a website where I have some articles that use a date picker in Prismic. Most of these articles don't use that date picker and it was left empty without selecting any date. Some very specific articles will have date selected and set to, for example, year 2019.

Today I logged in to work as usual and noticed all my articles on the website are displaying 3rd January 2023! Although when I login to Prismic I have no date set on the date picker :confused: I need to manually go into each article, select the date from the date picker and then remove it in order to fix it.

Now... how can I reverse this? Why did Prismic set this date automatically on all my articles date picker after the new year? How can I avoid this in the future (next year...)?

So today all dates are showing as 4th January 2023, seems like the empty date picker keeps updating itself everyday with the current date automatically.

How can I prevent it? I need the dates to be empty (null)

Hello David,

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for reaching out to us.

Are you getting this issue on your website or the Prismic repository? If it's happening on your website, please share a code snippet for the Date field, or if it's happening on the Prismic repository, please share your repo URL and Custom Type name where you are adding the Date field. You can send all details by private message.


Both - I'm getting this on website only because of Prismic providing me with this data.

I'll send you a private msg

Hello @dmakos

I have checked your repository and won't be able to reproduce the issue. Could you please share the screen recording with us?


Hi @Priyanka

I have changed the way this is implemented and made the date picker in slice (which I explained in my private message). Please give me some more time as I need to roll back all the changes to reproduce the issue and then I'll be able to provide you with a screen recording.


No problem @dmakos. Let me know when you do the rollback.