Don't internationalize certain fields?

Feature Idea (one per thread):

On a project, I have a lot of languages (6), and I have a lot of fields that are mostly logic fields and linked to the page and not to the language. Unfortunately changing a field in one language, requires me to do the same for the other languages, so every time, one tiny change on one language is multiplied by 5.

The most time consuming part is images with specific crop, when I add an image, (that is the same throughout all languages) the crop has to be readjusted, and obviously sometimes it's not perfect, so it's clearly visible between languages.

Issue that it solves:

A saw this nice feature on another headless CMS, where you can mark a field for translation or not. If the field is not translatable it will have the same shared content between all languages.

Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out; I see the use-case.

I totally agree that this can be a handy feature to add, so I have logged this as a feature request to select fields to be translated and sent it to the @features-team.


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This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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