Duplicate release

Hi Prismic,

We're using Prismic in an eCommerce site.
In our case, we will have a lot of campaigns that are very similar on the inside. For example:
Black Friday Leadup, Black Friday Sale, Black Friday Extend, Black Friday Countdown.....
Sometimes we will also want to duplicate a release just for backup or sample for the next campaign.
Is there a way to quickly duplicate themes(releases) from another release?


Hey @phillip_pan!

At the moment, It isn't possible to duplicate releases. A workaround would be to always create a release at the same time as the main one to make this type of backup. A document can exist in different releases.

I'll mark your post as a feature request so we can consider it for future improvements.


Hi Pau,

Thanks for the reply, can you show us how to create a release as same as the main one? Our current solution is to make an empty change and then save the changed document(which is actually unchanged) to a new release. This is kinda dumb cause we will need to repeat this step in every possible modified document.



At the moment, what you've suggested is the only way of doing it. I understand it isn't very user-friendly. But we're continuously working on improving the bulk actions that you can perform.

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