Error 400 after deleting 'page' Content Type via Legacy Builder


I'm seeing an error when requesting my 'homepage' Single document type using an API call

await $prismic.api.getSingle('homepage', {
   lang: locale,

The await call is erroring, and reporting an error 400 at this URL (removed ref in case it's sensitive):[{"type":"page","path":"/:uid"}]&lang=en-gb&ref={{ XXXXXXXXXXXX }}&q=[[at(document.type,%20%22homepage%22)]]

Before this error started occurring, I deleted the Content Type 'page' as it was too generic - but I'm noticing that the routes param in the URL is requesting type 'page' - is this content type required to be within my Prismic repository for some reason? I thought I was requesting the 'homepage' content type only with my code?


Sorry - this was a configuration issue which I've now solved!

Great @studiotreble. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.