ETIMEDOUT error on installing slicemachine in local environment

I am trying to install slicemachine in new next repository using this command npx @slicemachine/init@latest, but it's failing with this error - request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT 52.23.39

Guide me on this issue. Thanks

Hi @nishant.singh,

Based on the errors, it looks like you were not connected to the internet. Both the Sentry and Prismic API request failed due to a timeout or canceled network request.

It looks like you may have ran @slicemachine/init from your cached version as well, which does not require a connection to the internet.

Could you try this:

  1. Verify you are connected to the internet.

  2. Use the following command to run @slicemachine/init:

    npx @slicemachine/init@latest

    The @latest part is important to ensure you are using the latest version of @slicemachine/init. It also will only work if you are connected to the internet.


Yes Internet connection is ok and I tried with @latest but facing same issue

Do you happen to have a network proxy or firewall? If so, you would need to allow these requests through. Assuming you are on Windows, be sure to check Window's native firewall

If the issue continues, could you try in a different terminal? It's possible VS Code has settings that could be blocking network access.