Example broken with release of prismic-cli v4


With the release of v4 today, all examples from github.com/prismicio are broken

For instance

$ prismic theme --theme-url https://github.com/prismicio/nuxtjs-website --conf nuxt.co
? Name your prismic repository:  https://sogilis-test-5.prismic.io
project folder [sogilis-test-5]:
Downloading starter project... Download complete
? package manager npm
creating prismic repository... Invalid content signature for your theme.

Same problems with

$ prismic theme --theme-url https://github.com/prismicio/nuxtjs-blog --conf nuxt.co
$ prismic theme --theme-url https://github.com/prismicio/nextjs-website --conf prismic-configuration.js

$ prismic theme --theme-url https://github.com/prismicio/nextjs-blog --conf prismic-configuration.js

Hey Sogilis,

Welcome to the community!

I'm on top of this and I'll get this resolved for you as soon as possible.


@Phil thanks :slight_smile: !

Note, just for reference, we discussed yesterday on this point on GitHub custom_types and documents not pushed to created repository + prismic endpoint misconfigured · Issue #6 · prismicio-community/nextjs-sm-tutorial-series · GitHub .

Hey @abonnements & @julio,

This has been resolver with version 4.0.3 of the CLI:

Install this with:

npm install -g prismic-cli@latest
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@Phil thanks to have fixed it !

I've test it with nuxt-website and all work well !

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