Example multilanguage Gatsby4 and Prismic

Hey everyone, Is there an example or update of the gatsby-multi-language-site Public repository but in gatsby4?


Hey there @manuelo, thanks for reaching out!

We're planning to progressively update all sample projects, but no, we don't have any that uses V4 just yet.

So sad. We are starting a new project and it would be great to use V4. please let me know if you have any example

It shouldn’t be long before we start migrating them to v4. You can expect the changes soon :wink:

Hey @manuelo, we've updated the multi-language sample to support GatsbyV4 in beta. Here's the link you should use when running the project. This link is temporal until we update the full documentation to support V4.
We hope you find this helpful!

npx prismic-cli theme --theme-url https://github.com/pvpg/gatsby-multi-language-site --conf prismic-configuration.js
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