Export of document returns "provider" : "imgix" for svg files

I export a document, make a change to a text field, and then zip the file and try to upload it, and I get an error - unable to locate or analyze image. I saw a post on here that said you're moving away from Imgix integration. The "provider" for that entry is "imgix" I figure that's the problem. Can I just switch the provider to something else, and if so, what should it be?

Hey @mpetersen, thanks for reaching out.

  • Can you show us the post where you saw the note about Imgix? We have an active Imgix integration for all repositories.
  • Can you send us a screenshot of the error?
  • It's impossible to change your images' hosting service inside the repository. One option could be to host your images in a different service and add them as URLs in an Embed field. This would come with the disadvantage that you won't have access to Imgix's image optimization feature.

first, the links in the json point to valid svg files, even though the error message might indicate they dont...
here are links to the document about imgix:

and then, that led me to

here's a screen shot of the error:

Hey @mpetersen, thank for the information. In the post from 2020, we mentioned that we removed the Imgix integration from the SVG files specifically. We corrected the post to make this clearer.

I don't think you're having the same issue cause the edit parameters aren't in your SVG URLs. Maybe there's something wrong with the path of the image. Did these images already exist in your media library?

If you want, you can send us your repository URL and your Import file and we can try and reproduce the issue.