"failed to process https://images.prismic.io/[...].jpg?auto=compress,format - RequestError: Request timed out"

For the past 24h I’ve been unable to build my Gatsby project, due to the above error occurring for a number of images.

I’ve found a similar post here: Image requests timing out but it was caused by an imgix outage, but imgix seems to work fine now.

If I open the same image URL on a browser it loads without any problems.

Is there any kind of rate limiting? What else can I try?

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Hi Manuele,

Welcome to Prismic community, I will try to help you on this.

Can you share with me (in a direct message if necessary) the name of your repository as well as a link to the problematic image so that I can debug this?

Looking forward to your reply,

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Hi again,

I’ve received your direct message and I thank you for that,

I’ve checked with our production team, and most likely the issue is related to the usage of Gatsby image library

In fact Gatsby image does the same job as what Imgix does that Prismic use.

And as a result you double the processing time that result in some random timeouts.

Furthermore you can replace Gatsby image library with this Imgix library if you need some advanced processing that is in our opinion more efficient as it does it’s processing on rendering time and Imgix caches the result for you.

Please let me know if that doesn’t solve the problem for you,

Thank you for your reply.

Switching to Imgix is not feasible for us in this case. But searching on Gatsby’s own github issues I came across a similar problem and tried this:


and it seems to be working.

I suspect that the random timeouts happen because Gatsby is trying to download 300 images all at the same time from the server, and something breaks down somewhere?

Anyway hopefully this solves it!

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