Feature request - add locale flag or code when pointing at Prismic Page in Link Field

Feature Idea (one per thread):

Add locale code or language flag in the Link field in page builder. It should appear only while linking to a Prismic Document. Currently when copying content to a new locale from master locale I am unable to tell which locale the document is linking to, it's very easy to miss updating the links and you actually have to go in and check every single link if it's the correct locale.

Issue that it solves:

Solves the problem of not knowing at glance which document locale the link is pointed at. Currently it's very tedious to find and update a link to the correct language. Our content editors complain that they cannot easily find wrong links and point at the correct locale.

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

Would be nice to add a little flag icon or even locale code would be enough (in front of the page name for example).

Hi @dmakos , thanks for the feedback. When copying a document to a locale, if the document has internal links then the internal links will be updated to links of equivalent documents in that locale if they already exist i.e. if you are copying a blog home page from one locale to another and it links to blogs that have already been copied to that locale, then those blog links will be updated. However, if there are no versions of those pages in the locale they will not appear. I agree that your idea will make it clearer and I will take it back to the team and see if it can be prioritised.


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