Field only available once content is published

Also the field becomes unavailable if you unpublish all documents with that field.

I have added a boolean field to my content type. When trying to query the API once the custom type has changed - it says function at(..)] unexpected field '' on line:1.

This makes we worried as we are erroring on content rather than on config, which means if the editors remove all content without the field our filters will fail.

Hi James,

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Have you tried to access this field from the rest of API? normally you don't need to publish a document to be able to access its data.

So if you want to access an unpublished document you need to add it to a release.

It seems like the problem is in your code, but I try to debug this issue with you.

To do so can please share with snippet of the code that is causing the issue as well as the name of your repository (in a private message if necessary)

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi James,

We didn't get any response from you even in private messages, so we will close this issue,

If the issue is not resolved yet please Flag this topic.