Recently added field is missing in the API


I recently added a new field called "Summary" to my custom type "Announcement".

When using the API browser, I can see that all my documents now have the field summary even if the summary is empty. i.e. "summary": [ ].

However, when calling the API programatically and filtering by document ID, the summary field does not exist in the JSON response for some documents. This is causing an error in our internal system as it is consuming the API endpoint and expecting the summary field to be there. Furthermore, it's quite inconsistent across different documents; some documents show the empty summary field like so "summary": [ ] and some documents just don't have summary at all in the JSON response.

Could you please assist in looking into this issue?


Hi @internal-infra. If your API browser is returning the summary field for all the documents, then that makes me think this might be an issue with your website app. Do you have a caching system? If so, try clearing the cache. You could also try re-publishing any of the documents that are missing the field and seeing if that makes any difference.