Deleted by mistake a field in a content-type, recreated it, but not working any more

I deleted by mistake a field in a content-type, recreated it with the same API_ID but even if the content is okay in documents created with this content-type, it is broken now (get an error when trying to display the data front-end, the field do not appear in the console-logged data).

Is there any way to restore a version of a content type (not a document) ?
Thank you if anybody can help

Hey Eli!

When you delete a field that was in use, the content can be saved / remain untouched as long as you don't publish anything after deleting the field. if you make a change and publish it, the content will be gone and you cannot repopulate the new field with old content even if they share the same API ID.

What I'm describing is the expected behaviour of a deleted field, but you're saying you can still see the content, so you haven't made any changes to the documents, is that right?

Could you tell me which steps you took to found the error in the front end?

Hi Paulina and thanks for your response.
This morning hurraah my field came back with the fetch! :partying_face:

The steps :

  1. Deleted a field in a content-type by mistake / > could not get the data front-end
  2. Ooooops when noticed and recreated it, with fingers crossed
  3. Data still not showing on fetch (but restored in the documents on the prismic dashboard)
  4. Despair and help needed >> gotosleep
  5. This morning a republished a document with a change in the content of the re-created field
  6. Data is ok know but i cannot figure how it happened,

anyway, sorry for disturbing & thank you again.

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