Gatsby 404 Error on New Blog Posts - Old Blog Posts Still Work

Today we went to add our monthly blog post using Prismic.

All of a sudden the new blog generates a preview on our blog page, but, when you click it to open the full post it returns a 404 error. We deleted the post and retried. Same error.

The confusing part is the old blog posts still generate and have no issues.

We have no changes to our site since the last blog post but it returns the 404 and isn't building in our public folder.

Any ideas of where to start?

We use:
"prismic-reactjs": "^1.3.4",
"gatsby-source-prismic-graphql": "3.5.0",

Hello team.

We stopped supporting the plugin your project is using a while ago. You can read this blog post if you're interested in getting more details about this process, so it'll be difficult to know why errors may occur while using it.

We just released a new version of the recommended plugin (gatsby-source-prismic), as well as newly updated documentation.

We also have a dedicated migration guide if you decide to move to the new one:

I hope you find this information is useful. And if you migrate your project you can always contact us if you ever have any questions or need help with anything.


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