Gatsby previews not showing updated data

I noticed today that the previews in our gatsby project, are not showing the edits, just shows the published version of the document.

I already searched the forum, looked at the docs, and the troubleshooting page.
Also went back to an old commit and the problem persists.
And on the graphiql, (when setting the preview token) I see the updated data.

the plugin version we are using is:
"@prismicio/gatsby-source-prismic-graphql": "3.6.13"
and "gatsby": "2.32.13",

Any idea what is wrong? Not sure if we are the only ones having this issue.

thanks in advance

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Hello @juan.manuel, welcome to the community

Prismic no longer gives support to that plugin. We've had similar discussions in the past about this. Take a look at this thread if you're interested in knowing more details:

You can follow the dedicated guide to migrate to the correct plugin. Afterward, you'll be able to integrate previews using the previews plugin.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need help when migrating to the new plugin.

@Pau was there an announcement or something about dropping support for that plugin? The GitHub repo is still active with no mention of it. We are still using that plugin, since it was the recommended plugin when we implemented it. Are we stuck with broken previews until we migrate to the other plugin now?

cc. @marc.mcintosh as I believe you were involved with this plugin

Hey Sean, yes, we did a public announcement a while ago. You can check it out here in our blog: Gatsby-Prismic plugins: what’s going on?. In there we detail all the reasons why we made this decision. The preview functionality was one of the main reasons we took this decision.

When we decided this, we started migrating all of the support and documentation to the gatsby-source-prismic plugin progressively to avoid affecting the least possible number of users.

You can always reach out to us to help you make the migration is as easy and fast as possible.

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