Gatsby Plugin Migration Or Next.js Migration


I would like to ask for some advice on our current situation at our company.
Our website is currently using a forked version of birkir/gatsby-source-prismic-graphql. We had some external support to build our website and they made this fork because previews were not working.

I see that Prismic also has a fork of the same repository and that previews work, so we are considering switching from our forked version to prismicio/gatsby-source-prismic-graphql.

Our own forked version is working but we have had a few random bugs that we were not sure the source of. So migrating to your own maintained version seems like an option to stabilize our situation.

However we also are planning to expand and want to have another website up and running for another Country soon.

And based on the comments I have read in the forum, it seems that the graphql plugin isn't recommended long term, and that Next.js seems like the most stable option for new projects.

Based on all that info above, can you please advise what you would recommend for creating a base repository that could be used to create websites for other markets as well?

Our two options in mind are 1.) Migrating our existing website to prismicio/gatsby-source-prismic-graphql
Or. 2.) Migrating to Next.js or creating a new project with Next.js.

Thanks for your time.

Hello Brandon, welcome to the Community!

The best recommendation that I can give you is: migrate to Next.js. It's an exceptional alternative that works seamlessly with Prismic, plus if you ever run into any issues you can always contact us here to help you.

I say this because, it is true that at the moment it is uncertain if we are going to continue giving support to our fork or if we're going to completely move away from it and focus on giving full maintenance on another one (e.g., gatsby-source-prismic).

So, for the moment, yes, Next.js would be the way to go!

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