Gatsby Prismic GraphQL Slice "undefined" error

I am getting the following error, “Abstract type PRISMIC_Activity_schedule_landing_pageBody must resolve to an Object type at runtime for field PRISMIC_Activity_schedule_landing_page.body with value { __typename: “Activity_schedule_landing_pageBodyBody_text_paragraphs” }, received “undefined”. Either the PRISMIC_Activity_schedule_landing_pageBody type should provide a “resolveType” function or each possible type should provide an “isTypeOf” function”, when I query from Gatsby, when I have certain slice added to a particular content type. If I remove the slice the error goes away. I don’t get this error in prismic GraphiQL. What does this error mean and how do I fix?

Hello Alex, where are you testing your queries?
the Prismic GraphiQL tool is different from the Gatsby playground, available in development mode: http://localhost:8000/__graphql. We have a troubleshooting for gatsby here: Issues with Gatsby queries

Could you share your query with us? That way it’ll be easier to see what’s happening

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