Gatsby site fails to come up with empty prismic repo


  1. Use Prismic CLI to create repo from a shell script.
  2. Auto deploy a gatsby site, which has defaults for all Prismic data if data is missing.
  3. Site fails to compile on gatsby build.

However, if one logs into the Prismic repo and selects the default Language/Locale (on the first login) and then runs ‘gatsby compile’ the code compiles.

“resolutions”: {
“graphql”: “14.6.0”,
“gatsby-source-prismic-graphql”: “3.6.2”,
“gatsby-source-graphql-universal”: “3.3.0”,
“gatsby”: “2.23.18”

“gatsby-source-prismic-graphql” threw an error while running the createPages lifecycle:

Response not successful: Received status code 404

Hi there,

Welcome to the Prismic community, I will try to help you with this.

we strongly advise you to read this blog post before starting a new project with Gatsby.

If you still want to use Gatsby with the gatsby-source-prismic-graphq then I advise you to migrate to our fork of the plugin as the original project is not maintained anymore.

You can also check out our documentations for more info.

Now regarding the issue you are having, I’m not sure I understood the issue can you give us some more info and it will be great if you can share with us your repository name as well as a code snippet of the problematic code (in a direct message if confidential)

Looking forward to your reply,

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