Get Early Access to Our New Slice Machine Tool

:point_right: Are you a Slice Machine user?

:sparkles: Do you want to be one of the first to try our new tool for editing your mocks?

If so, read on…

We are working on a feature to improve the Slice Machine development experience, that will let you build and iterate on components faster :running_man:

We are currently wrapping up work on our first version of this feature and looking for a group of developers to grant early access to provide us with feedback and help shape the development of the feature before our public release to all Slice Machine users :pizza:

With your experience using Slice Machine, we’d love you to apply to get early access and be part of this program :male_detective:

:date: Testing sessions are due to start mid-November, so register on the link below to apply for the program

Learn More and Apply

Your involvement will help build a better Slice Machine experience for yourself and others.

Guy Proops :wave:
Product Manager