Help us improve Slicemachine

It’s open-source. It needs a community. It needs you

If you would like to try Slice Machine out - and ideally start contributing to our open-source projects, component libraries and community - you can get started in just a few minutes by following these straightforward instructions.

The project is currently still in the beta testing phase, so we would love for you to start using Slice Machine and to let us know how it can be improved.

So here are a few ways that you can help us to keep moving this project forward:

  1. Try out the project and give us your feedback and ideas. There is a section in our Forum where you can share your thoughts and join in the discussion.

  2. Contribute to the open-source project, file issues, submit PRs for the CLI.

  3. Build and share your own SliceMachine library. You can start from scratch or by forking Sara’s library.

  4. Help us bring SliceMachine to other frameworks.

You can always reach out to me directly on Twitter to ask any questions that you may have.


I would love to see this for Svelte/Sapper as well as a basic JS/Node.js setup! It’s looking great so far.

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Looks really great, I am switching for the project I am working on this weekend.

I can see that when I create a new slice it does not automatically update the custom types on the other end (I imagine this is rather challenging), but it seems like I can reference other libraries in the CLI. which might would even better long term, having a predefined library that I use instead of vue-essentials for standardisation across multiple projects.

Once I have a few in my own Slice Machine library I will share! :grinning:


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