GSC report shows 404 errors on urls containing 'undefined'


I've got a long list of urls showing as 404 in GSC.

Almost all of them have 'undefined' in the url. i.e. -,, or

It looks to me like there's something going on with the language/regional variants - but I'm stumped as to what exactly, or how to go head to fix this.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?



Hi Alex,

Are the undefined links appearing in your sitemap? And if you visit them in your browser, do they throw a 404?


Hi, thanks for replying. They are not showing on the sitemap, but are giving a 404 when visited.

Hey @alex.troy,

By "GSC", you mean "Google Search Console"?

If the links aren't in your sitemap, they must be appearing somewhere. Otherwise Google wouldn't find them. Can you track down where any of the links appear?