Problems with Prismic Preview Cookie

So this is rather interesting and possibly disturbing. Been working on a website project using Astro and do not have Prismic installed on this project. Today I started noticing that Astro's getStaticPaths() function keeps trying to find a route for either undefined or null. So decided to look at the GET request in the browser that was getting a 404 error. Opened it up and somehow it is trying to make a GET request to


This is in no way related to my project or my current code base. So went to that old prismic repo, deleted the prismic repo, no change. Removed the prismic cli and even ran npm commands to make sure prismic was removed. If anyone has any idea why this tracking/preview cookie is trying to make requests from a separate project all of a sudden and how to remove or stop this it would be much appreciated. I honestly have been trying all kinds of things and the only things I can figure out is that when I run getStaticPaths() function in my Astro code, somehow this is also trying to make a get request which is is then a 404 error. I have no idea why or how this is happening since my current project has nothing to do with prismic. Everything was fine till today and that is the only thing I can see trying to put in a route request to either undefined or null.

Okay did some more digging and testing. Looks like after deleting all prismic cookies from my browser it is no longer linked to the prismic preview cookie. Still get an error in my request so there is a mistake on my end. Solved the link between the prismic preview cookie. Just need to dig into my code and fix the request.

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Thanks for letting us know how you solved the issue @kyle3!