How can I unlink Slice machine from repository in my dashboard?

Is there a step-by-step guide doc to successfully unlinking a slice machine project from a repo in the dashboard? I'm wanting to start over again this time without slice machine and on Gatsby. I just want to ensure that I unlink everything correctly.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, we don't have an official process for unlinking a Slice Machine project from a repository. You'll need to create a new repository without Slice Machine and manually add all the content. This will allow you to start fresh and ensure everything is set up how you want it for Gatsby.

Hi Pau thanks for the reply. My repository has a lot of content that would be a pain to copy over manually. Is there a sequence of some steps I could take perhaps using a combination of the Custom Types API and deleting things manually in the repository to ensure that the Slice Machine generated slices and types don't leave a trace in the repository? Or alternatively, if I can't do that, is it possible to start a new Slice Machine project with a repository? My current project has gotten unwieldy I would just like to simplify it's codebase by starting anew.
Thanks again.

Yes, you could use the Custom Types API and Import / Export. This feature is available starting on the Medium Plan. More about pricing.

Although this feature comes with some limitations:

  • You can not export releases, drafts, or archived documents.
  • You can not use the Export tool to export Custom Types, Images, or files.
  • We do not recommend this tool to transfer content between the environments or to clone your repository.
  • You can not selectively export documents. All documents are exported.

If you want to remove all the slice and types generated by Slice Machine from your repository, you can use the sm remove command from the command line. Before running this command, make sure that you have backed up your repository so that you can restore it to its original state in case of an error.
Here's how to use sm remove:
Install the Slice Machine CLI, if you haven't already, by running the command npm install -g slicemachine.
Go to the root directory of your repository and run the sm remove command. This will remove all slice and types generated by Slice Machine from your repository.
Remove all files generated by Slice Machine from your repository using the git rm command.
Make a commit to commit the changes.
After deleting all the files created by Slice Machine, you can start a new Slice Machine project using your existing repository.

Thank you Rex, this is a helpful response. I will give it a try.