How can I use the UID of a deleted file

I'm "reopening" this topic, because I believe it was not fully answered.

Hi. I'm with an issue regarding UID's.
I want to reuse in another document the UID's of some files that were deleted.
But the problem is, when I try to use them it says that "UID is already in use".
I've followed your step-by-step tutorial, in order to find the document by making a request to the Browser API with the UID. But, the document was not found.
So, my question is, is there a method to reuse those UID's in Prismic ?

Hello Mateus,

Can you please send me the URL of your repository and the "UID" text you want to fill in, which custom-type? You can share this information with me in a private message if you wish.



I sent you a message in private.

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