How is the CDN bandwidth calculated, specifically for images?

Hello fellow developers!
Since Prismic are serving images based on integration with Imgix, is the bandwidth calculated in the same manner as Imgix does: quote from Imgix " We charge for bandwidth based on the amount it takes to serve your optimized Derivative Images to your customers. We don't charge for bandwidth when fetching Master Images from your origin." ?

Hi Nicolae,

I'm checking with our Production team and I will let you know once I have an answer.


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Hi Nicolae,

We apologize for the long delay, I have created an issue in our tracker regarding your inquiry, and we will get back to you in case of any updates.

Hello Nicolae,

I'm Baptiste from the developer team.

As you probably know, we are charging an additional 0,10€ / Gb. To calculate the bandwidth usage, we sum up the following:

  • Imgix regular charges.
  • The total number of bytes that Prismic sent to you in response to the request, including headers.
  • Cost of hosting the images in Prismic.

Please let me know if you have more inquiries.