How to add copyright for an image?


Can I add to image copyright with a link?

Copyright field available plain text only. I needed to pass a link to copyright like in the RichText component.


The best way to do this would be to add an anchor tag with the link in the copyright field. Then in your project you will reference that field and make sure you escape the html.

So in react with “dangerouslysetinnerhtml” and in vue “v-html”

I think having links in the copyright out of the box would be useful, so I’ve added a tick to our feature request tracker.

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I solved my problem by using markdown in the field and parse on the client-side. Example: Photo by [Chronis Yan]( on [Unsplash](

I used markdown because it is more simple than HTML for our authors and to protects from incorrect or dangerous HTML

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This is a great solution and safer like you said.

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