How to build a repeatable Footer Link section?

I have a footer like this and I would like to manage the links and the titles of those blocks. How should I do this in Prismic? Do I need to make a slice with a Title and repeatable link module? But this would mean I need 4 slices for one footer. This seems inefficient


Hello @dfmkraaijeveld

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Indeed you just need to create one Slice in the Footer Custom type. Creating a Slice will give you the flexibility to rearrange and add additional footer sections in the future if you need to add. Learn more about Slices in the what is a slice article.

To achieve this:

  • Create a Singleton Custom type and name it to the footer.

  • Add a Slice to create a different footer section. In this Slice:
    None-repeatable zone: Add a Title or a Key text field to create different sections like Shop, BedRijf, etc.
    Repeatable zone: Add a title and a link field.

(Learn more about different fields in Prismic)

Now, go to your documents section add content in different fields. To create different footer sections, use the same Slice by clicking on the "+" icon.

Let me know if you have any other doubt.


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