How would you migrate some, but not all, articles from WordPress without losing SEO juice?


A client wants to migrate some, but not all, existing articles from their WordPress website to Prismic. I did find this helpful resource, but it does not address any SEO or other technical issues. These are top-ranking posts, hence, the concerns over losing traffic. We're also thinking that doing it manually is the best option, but we'd love to hear your thoughts!

I'm currently figuring out the steps for the best way to do this manually with no or minimal SEO hit/issues, and the steps are:

  1. Copy and paste content from the WordPress website to Prismic
  2. Make sure the URL structure is the same.
  3. Implement 301 Redirects

I feel like we're missing a few more steps to this process, but I can't find anywhere what those are. Anyone?

Thank you for any help!

Hey @bern, thanks for reaching out.

The process you've described is the best option you could take to migrate. For the moment, there isn't another standardized process to do so.

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Hi @Pau , just have a quick question regarding implement 301 redirects on Nextjs with prismic - do you have a sample project on how it's being done? From what I understand, 301s are created in next.config.js which is a runtime configuration.

We don't have this configurated on our starter projects. I'll add a task to the backlog so it can be marked as a future improvement.

And yes, you need to configure them in the next.config.js file. I'd recommend referring to Next's official docs: next.config.js: Redirects | Next.js