Import / export - Change type of imported document

We currently have 2 custom types, webcomics and articles.

We have used the import/export tool to get them into the same structure, thus we can use the same parsers in our app.

What I would like to do is import the webcomics as articles, maintaing the same ID. This would simplify our API fetching code significantly.

What I have tried is changing the type in the imported document. This oddly previews the document as the new type, but once the import is performed it remains as webcomics.

It feels like I have almost got it - is this possible?

Hi @j.gorrie, I'm guessing that the issue here is that you're running an export, updating the type, and trying to re-import the exported webcomics documents.

If that's the case, then you'll need to change the filename for every webcomic document to import it as a new document. Unfortunately, there isn't any way to change a document's type. Nor is it possible to control the IDs when creating new documents.

This means that you'll need to import them as new documents that will all have new IDs. Sorry that this isn't what you're hoping for.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Ah, this is exactly the case, thanks for clearing it up. I was hoping to change the type but not the id . Good to know this can't happen.

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