Importing nested structures?

Hi all!
As Prismic apparently does not currently support duplicating nested documents (i. e. also duplicating all linked documents), we wanted to leverage the import/export-feature for this.

Problem is: as far as I can see, there is no way of uploading e. g. two documents at the same time and link them - as per docs all linked documents have to exist prior to the import.
This way, we could programmatically create JSON-files for every linked document (via a script) and duplicate them all, but can't directly build the nested structure.
Is there any chance to make this possible that I'm not aware of?

I hoped that there would be some usable UID that can be set and referenced.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @julian.frosch,

My apologies for the late response.

To answer your question, unfortunately, there is no way to upload two documents at the same time and link them. I understand that it would be a lot easier if it were possible. I will submit this to the product team to consider as a possible improvement for the future, and there aren’t any guarantees if/when it will be taken on as a product improvement.

Best regards,