Importing PDFs using the import tool

I've been trying to import a PDF using the Import tool. It seems to work when using an external url, but it is imported as an image. I can see the preview in the media library, but when I click through to view the details of the file, there is a blank screen (and 500 error in the console).
It seems to be because the system thinks its an image, but it encounters a PDF file.

I have another solution in mind, but I can't delete that file now, as the button isn't there?

Hi @joe.w

Thanks for reaching out.

When you say the "Import tool," do you refer to the Import/Export feature?

To be able to investigate, can you please share with us your repository name as well as the URL of the file you are trying to import, or the zip file you are trying to import if you are using the Import/Export feature (you can share that in a private message if necessary).

Looking forward to your reply,

Yes, I mean the Import/Export feature. I'll send you the zip in a private message.
Can you also see if there is a way to delete the media entry that I can't delete?

Hi @joe.w
I've recieved the Private message and I'm currently investigating.

Was there any more information on this?

I have have been able to reproduce this issue and I have created an issue in our tracker for it, and I have send you some extra information in a private message.

I'd love to know if there was resolution to this. We, also, are trying to use the Import tool to ingest non-image media files and they're all ending up dead-ending in our media library.